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Pottery Workshops in the Studio | Experiencing Form and Color

Working with clay, especially hand building, is an engaging sensory and sensual activity.
In the peaceful environment of the studio you can take a break from the race of life,
devote yourself to the ceramic material for a few hours, and enjoy the satisfaction of creating.

During the workshop we will learn basic hand-building techniques and experience modelling
in clay.
No prior knowledge is required. Everyone can learn the art of pottery and discover its calming, meditative effect.

Workshops may be held to mark a special occasion (birthday, bachelorette party, family gathering), or just for fun, for no particular reason. Whether it is a gift to yourself or to someone else,
together or alone, you are guaranteed pure pleasure.


The workshop is intended for groups of two to five participants.

Each workshop consists of two-three sessions, three hours each.

At the end of the workshop, the participants receive a gift of their own creation.


Located in Ra'anana, the studio is equipped with a variety of tools, materials, glazes, and paints.

Workshop price includes all creative materials (clay, paints, etc.), as well as firing.


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