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Sima Libster |  Artist Statement


Art as a daily occupation came into my life at a relatively late stage,
after a period of work as a textile chemist. In recent years, 
as I was taking my life apart
to rebuild it, I randomly came across clay.

I turned to study sculpture and found my true passion.

Today I work in clay and teach ceramic sculpture. I live and work in Ra'anana.

My natural penchant is for the abstract.
Working with clay, I like to push the boundaries of sculpture to form sculptural objects,
some thin and delicate, others thick and heavy.
I draw my inspiration from modern Japanese art as well as from nature's minerals, shapes,
and textures. I like creating organic-looking "natural configurations" which simulate ancient relics, stones, and fossils.

My work method is intuitive in essence. An unplanned touch of the clay dictates the work's further evolution and the way the color will be applied.
For the most part, the works do not arise from a predetermined narrative, but erupt from
a strong, inexplicable urge to feel, touch, knead, mix, while colors and shapes run through
my mind.

The studio serves me as a research laboratory where I conduct countless experiments
and challenging games, echoing my past as a chemist.
The use of diverse materials (a combination of salts, oxides, and self-concocted glazes)
and different application methods results in works typified by a wide range of textures.

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